Volunteer Form

Volunteers are a vital and necessary aspect of our organization. We anticipate that all of our member families will take part in fundraising activities and help provide supervision at our weekly practices. In addition, there are other activities with which we hope you will be able to assist. Please complete this form to help us best match your skills and interests with our volunteer opportunities. Please consider coordinating a concert committee or serving on the Board of Directors.

1. Full name:

2. Address:

3. City:

4. Postal code:

5. Phone number (day):

6. Phone number (evening):

7. Phone number (cell):

8. E-mail address:

9. Business name/address (if applicable):

10. Volunteer experience with the SSYO:

11. Do you wish to volunteer for the same activities listed in the previous question?


12. I would like to help with the following concerts (choose at least one):

  Christmas Brunch Planning Committee
Spring Fete Planning Committee
Final Concert Planning Committee

13. For the concert selected above, I would like to (choose at least one):

  Be a Coordinator (1-2 people) [Show Details]
- Ensure event tasks are being completed in a timely manner
- Draft budget (estimate costs and projected attendees/income)
- Receive bills and submit them to the SSYO Treasurer
- Make note of the work done by the planning committee, keep one copy of every program, poster, and ticket and pass all materials on to the Program Director

Distribute and Collect Tickets (2-3 people) [Show Details]
- Take care of distribution and collection of tickets (prior to and at the event)
- In charge of the collection of money
- Record who purchased what tickets, if he or she has paid, etc.

Promote the Concert (1-2 people) [Show Details]
- Prepare informational handouts for parents and orchestra members
- Coordinate promotional materials distribution and promotional events

Work on the Program/Posters (1 person) [Show Details]
- Update and submit program content, poster, and ticket info/revisions to printer
- Ensure all information in the program is accurate (including sponsors)

Coordinate all Aspects of the Facility (3-5 people) [Show Details]
- All aspects of the facility includes the contract, setup, menu/meal arrangements, ushers, reservations, decorations, and master of ceremonies information.

Coordinate Silent Auction/Sponsors (1-3 people) [Show Details]
- Obtain auction items and sponsors
- Update auction setup and rules
- Collect money and distribute auction items to the winning bidders

14. I could also help with the following:

  Alternate fundraising (sponsor solicitation, coordinate product sales, etc.)
Advertising and public relations
Supervising rehearsals (and assisting with set-up/take down)
Serving on the Board
Major trip planning committee
Truck driving (instrument transporation)
Refreshment coordinator (coordinating snacks for rehearsals and meetings)

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