Monday Night Rehersals

Strings practices are back and occur on Mondays at 7:30 again!

Following discussions with Hart Godden, Director of Music at Knox-Metropolitan church, Rudy and Al have put together a new plan for the Strings to rehearse in person, which the Board supports and appreciates.  As always, our decision-making is guided by Sask Health officials and public health orders and may change. 



Mondays @ 7:30 to 9:00pm, starting Feb 1
Violins will meet in Room 104 (main floor)
Violas and Cellos will meet in Room 105 (main floor)


There will be one of the SSYO HEPA filters in each room.  Rudy will move between the two rooms providing guidance and direction.


Friendly and important reminders.  Please:

     -bring your Covid-19 declaration - signed and dated by parent/guardian on each day of rehearsal (declaration form attached)

     -bring your music stand to each rehearsal

     -wear a mask at all times while in the church

confirm your ride is here before leaving the rehearsal room