Board & Contacts

Fundraising Coordinator Needed

2020-2021 season- The SSYO is in need of a grants director. Please connect with the Board in person or via email if you wish to take this needed project on as your contribution to SSYO's success.

The orchestra's core program is funded primarily through annual membership fees, sponsorships, and grants. A principal objective of the orchestra's fundraising program is to offset the cost to participating families in relation to festivals and tours not covered in the orchestra's core program.

New fundraising initiatives are established depending on members' interest in volunteering to lead fundraising activities.



Music Director Alan Denike
Librarian, Assistant Music Director Rudolf Sternadel
President Ian Walker
Past-President Doug Charko
Treasurer Jan Paul Venter
Secretary Cicy (Banwen) Zhang
Grants Director Vacant


Position Continued

Name Continued

Publicity Director September Russel
Membership Director Karen Shack
Floor Manager Renee Mahajan
Sponsorship Brad Zakreski
Member at Large Sarah Truszkowski
Member at Large Peter Faulkes
Member at Large Elaine Thompson
Student Representative