Joining the SSYO

All residents of Southern Saskatchewan who are between the ages of 12 and 26 and study an orchestral instrument are eligible to audition for the SSYO. All returning Orchestra members are required to re-audition each year. Section placements are reassigned annually, based on audition results, experience and previous history with the SSYO.


Auditions will be held on virtually.  Applications must be received by September 8, 2021, so that appropriate arrangements for each musician are made.
Please see the Auditions tab where you will find the required online application forms, along with more audition information and player fee schedule.  Fees are estimated at roughly $1000 annually, although in 2021/2022 they are $500.

We invite you to apply! If you have any questions about joining the SSYO or the audition process, please email: or call Susan at 306-536-0618.

How to Join the SSYO

If you're interested in joining start by reading the Player Fees and Member Guidelines.  Next, fill out the Membership Application Form below and prepare your Audition.  Once you've been contacted that you've qualified for the SSYO you will be expected to fill out the Code of Conduct with your parent/guardian/child, the Behavior Agreement, and ensure your the Parent Guidelines is also completed.

Membership Application Form

Please fill out the Membership Application Form to the best of your abilities.