All fees including Membership, Orchestral Training, and Ticket fees should accompany your audition application. If paying by cheque, please make them payable to the SSYO. Fees can be paid online using PayPal (PayPal fee extra). Orchestral Training fees can be paid by Orchestra Members using appropriations accumulated in previous years in their appropriations account. Appropriations money cannot be used to pay fundraising fees.

Financial Assistance & Awards

Out of town travel assistance is available up to $400 per family per year based on attendance at rehearsals and the price of gas. As well, members both in and outside of Regina may require financial assistance in the payment of their fees. Members requiring either travel or other financial assistance should contact our treasurer. We are happy to make arrangements for those who find the financial obligations of the SSYO onerous.

Each year, scholarships based on merit are awarded to SSYO members at the discretion of the Music Director.

Annual Player Fees

All memberships should be paid before your audition. A complete refund will be made if the applicant is unsuccessful.

For your convenience, fees can be paid online by e-transfer or if necessary, a cheque payable to the SSYO. Fees can be paid in full or in two equal installments with the second one payable February 1, 2022. PayPal is not working at the moment. E-transfers- the security question is "composer?" and the answer is Mozart.

Fees for 2021-22 season (Included in the cost of membership is a family membership in the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association.):

First player: $500

Second and each additional family player: $500

Fees are payable in one payment by Oct 31/20 or in two payments (1st - Oct 31/21 and 2nd - Feb 1/22).  

Please pay by e-transfer to treasurer@ssyo.ca with Security Question: Composer? And Security Answer: Mozart If you prefer not to use e-transfer, please make a cheque payable to SSYO dated October 31, 2020. If you would like to defer half the cost ($250 each payment), submit two equal cheques with the second one dated February 1, 2022.
Additional levies may (rarely) be charged during the course of the year to cover the cost of special events. These levies may be reduced by subsidies from the SSYO general account if finances permit.

If the SSYO fees are a financial limitation for your family, please contact the Board.  We want to exercise flexibility and inclusivity with different payment options and/or assistance. For more information, please email the Board at info@ssyo.ca.  We want to help when help is needed.  If funding support is needed, please consider Creative Kids: www.creativekidssask.ca.