Get Ready for the First Rehearsal

Review the Covid-19 protocol and download/print your music and be ready to rehearse.

Download music

In preparation for your upcoming first rehearsal....

  • Please review the SSYO COVID-19 protocol
  • You will receive your music folder at the first rehearsal with music for 2020 in it
  • There are links below to 2020 music - - Please download parts for your instrument and have a look at the music before your first rehearsal
  • Below are links to Spotify recordings you can listen to  
  • If you have an iPad, Rudy advises you can bring it to rehearsals to use since you now have the pdf of your music and no one will be turning pages for you!
  • The seating plan was circulated, however, please remember Al and Rudy will be distancing musicians appropriately
  • Please print out the COVID-19 declaration at the end of the Protocol so you can fill it out on the day of your rehearsal, have a parent/guardian sign it (if under 18), and bring it with you to rehearsal - - Remember, you need to bring an updated declaration with you to every rehearsal in order to participate in rehearsals

If you have any questions, please let me know.  
Hope you and your family are enjoying a safe Thanksgiving weekend.


Download parts for your instrument:


Links to SSYO music

Mendelssohn String Symphony No. 10


Carter Overture for Winds:


Chance Variations on a Korean Song:


Holst Suite No. 2:


Milhaud Suite Française: